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Podcast335: Classroom Basics for 1:1 Computing by Shawn Massey and Wynn Draper-Bryant

This podcast is a recording of a presentation by Shawn Massey and Wynn Draper-Bryant of Flint Community Schools, Michigan, at the One to One Institute’s annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, on November 10, 2009. The title of their session was Classroom Basics for 1:1 Computing. Shawn was the project director for the Flint Community Schools “Freedom to Learn Project,” and Wynn has been a classroom teacher for 36 years. If they take her laptops away from her students, Wynn says she’d have to retire! In Flint Community Schools, select campuses have been implementing one to one laptop learning projects for almost eight years. Shawn and Wynn shared a wide variety of perspectives and ideas in this presentation, including many practical tips for other educators currently implementing 1:1 or considering the implementation of 1:1 learning projects. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated the way Shawn and Wynn integrated student comments and quotations into their presentation. I will include a link to my own textual notes from this presentation in the podcast shownotes, along with additional resource links referenced by Shawn and Wynn. Shawn and Wynn’s messages about how important it is to keep moving forward, support the people who solve the problems, and celebrate the victories of everyone involved as you walk down this road of one to one computing together are 100% on target. We can learn a great deal from these passionate Michigan educators about ways to most effectively solicit community buy-in for one to one learning and support one to one projects for the long term. The PD model, the “dine and dialog” events, the constant dialog, showcasing, and celebrations which were a part of their Freedom to Learn Project implementation plan are exemplary and can be used as models for other 1:1 programs. As Shawn says, however, remember “one size does NOT fit all.” It’s critical to be flexible, adaptable, and LISTEN to all the stakeholders as you move forward with 1:1 project implementation.

Show Notes:

  1. My text notes from this workshop
  2. Flint Community Schools, Flint, Michigan
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