As a co-convener for the K-12 Online Conference, the following is a beautiful sight.

Web-based converstion of videos

Presenters in our 2009 conference are following a new set of procedures to DIRECTLY upload their files to both DotSub and, where their videos are converted / transcoded into Flash versions (on both sites) and into m4v (iPod compatible video) and mp3 (audio only) formats on Blip. Use of these two websites as the exclusive sources for presentations this year may pose more accessibility issues for teachers at schools where content filters block most or all video sharing sites like these. For that reason, organizers have created an accessibility survey we invite you to take and share your experiences this year accessing K-12 Online Conference materials both at work and at home.

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One Response to Web-based Video Transcoding – A Beautiful Sight!

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea had this feature! I have usually just downloaded my video and used Handbrake to convert.

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