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Translate entire websites on the fly with Google

If you are building and/or maintaining a website with Google Sites, your creation just acquired new powers. Google announced today it has integrated language translation functionality directly into Google Sites. When you visit a Google sites website in a different language, you should be presented with an optional translation menu.

If you are not using Google Sites for your web presence, do not despair… Free code can be added to provide the same translation functionality.

We’ve seen an amazing number of innovative announcements from Google in the past few weeks. What could be next? A holodeck, perhaps?!

On our family learning blog, Learning Signs, we use the “WordPress Global Translator Plugin” to provide optional translations already. That plugin:

Automatically translates a blog in 41 different languages by wrapping four different online translation engines (Google Translation Engine, Babelfish Translation Engine,, Promt).

Google translation services support 51 languages, according to today’s announcement. I haven’t started utilizing theWordpress plug-in here on my main blog, however. I’m interested to know which WordPress file should be used to insert the Google translation code. If you know please comment here.

H/T Benn Parr at Mashable.

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