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A custom photo book for Nana

It’s always hard to shop for my mom. This year for her birthday, we created a custom photo book of our summer family reunion / vacation using iPhoto. This entire process took about three hours, using images from her Mobile Me Gallery and my own Flickr set of the trip. It takes awhile to create a book like this because you can do so many customizations! We used the “tropical” theme and the three photo image layout the most.

A custom photo book via iPhoto

This is the second hardcover book we’ve ordered from Apple, and we were absolutely thrilled with the first one we ordered this summer. Digital photos are wonderful, but it’s also super to have a coffee table book like this to enjoy as well as share: No screens required! Now that my mom has learned how to create books like these, I’m betting she’ll create some more on her own of other holiday events and trips.

I’m an advocate for netbooks and Ubuntu for school 1:1 learning projects, but when it comes to creating products like this with multimedia, nothing compares to having a Mac. 🙂

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2 responses to “A custom photo book for Nana”

  1. Tim Childers Avatar

    I made a few of these myself for Christmas this year. I have two daughters with children, so I put together a photo book for each of my daughters and a copy of both for my mom. Then, I did another of my youngest daughter (still in college) and made a copy for her mother. Lots of tears when the presents were opened. It was well worth the time and effort to sort through and find just the right pictures to put on each page. The cost was not bad, and it took less than 10 days to get the books. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Danny Rose Avatar

    My wife has been using Shutterfly the last few years to make cool looking calendars and similar items for Chrstmas gifts. They’re not terribly expensive and the personal touch gets them everytime.