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Netflix streaming coming to the Nintendo Wii

This is GREAT news for Nintendo Wii owners and Netflix subscribers: Later this spring the Wii will begin supporting Netflix streaming in standard (not high definition) resolution. If you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you can apply on their website to receive a Wii disk which will enable the service / functionality when it becomes available later in the spring. Netflix streaming is a great deal: No matter what level of subscriber you are, you can stream an unlimited number of movies from Netflix per month.

Netflix integrating with Wii

Netflix FREE instant streaming disc for Wii

There is no additional charge for the Netflix Wii disk.

I had been eyeing a Roku set-top box as an option for getting Netflix streaming to our TV without connecting a laptop computer. Now it looks like that will be an unnecessary expense!

Now I’m ready for an app that will stream Netflix to my iPhone… I won’t be holding my breath, however, as Apple would prefer iPhone users rent or buy movies from iTunes. We probably won’t see an approved app to watch movies from Video on Demand either. Personally, I think the variety of choices in the IPTV market is a GREAT thing, and I hope it persists.

H/T Techland.

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  1. Geoff Avatar

    sweet! Thanks Wes … I am psyched.