The last two days we’ve been hit by an ice and snow storm here in central Oklahoma. Thankfully we have not lost electricity where we live, but many Oklahomans have not been so fortunate. Snow days (as Thursday and Friday were for both Oklahoma City Public Schools and Edmond Public Schools) are MUCH less fun without heat in your house. This morning before things started to melt a bit, my six year old and I enjoyed a sledding run down our street, which we documented with our flash-based camcorder / camera. One of our golden retrievers accompanied us on our run. Since this video was over 90 seconds long I published it to YouTube. I published the rest of our video and images from today to Flickr.

Last February in the opening keynote for the eTechOhio conference, I shared a similar video which I took with my son as part of my presentation introduction. Taking and sharing “on the sled videos” has become a winter tradition for us! (If you just have to do something twice to call it “a tradition!”)

I continue to be amazed by the “publish at will” environment in which those who are digitally connected today can live. It is both sad and instructive that so many of our schools continue to operate as if this environment of video and media sharing does not exist and will simply go away if it is ignored long enough.

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3 Responses to Schools pretend this world of publish at will media doesn’t exist

  1. Keith Kemp says:

    I agree with all the writer has said here because I myself was raised in OKC and at the time the OKC Public school system sucked and nothing has changed since the last century.

    If you want to get a good job in Oklahoma than you will not be able to do it with just a HS diploma instead you will need to embrace all the new tech as a way of gaining the foothold you could not get with just that twelve year old aged paper your now holding in your hands with the false hopes it will open doors for you.

    Embrace this life with all the devices you will need to get ahead with and have a fair chance of competing with the Nichols Hills people

    Employers care about your COLLEGE degree with what your skills are and how they will make the company money

    Keith Kemp

  2. Chan says:

    Hi Wesley,
    I want to see the picture of you 1)steering the sled, 2)holding your daughter, 3)documenting the ride, 4)holding the ball on the stick. I had a good laugh thinking about all that going on while you slid down an icy street with a dog chasing you.

  3. Ryan Collins says:

    As I started reading this article I had a sense of deja vue, hoping that your blog hadn’t messed up and was posting articles from a year ago.

    Anyway, the publish at will aspect is getting easier and easier. I can’t believe how nice iPhoto ’09 is in relation to posting pictures onto Facebook. I can use to post pictures or video directly from my cell phone to Twitter, WordPress, and FB all with one message. iMovie ’09 can create and upload videos directly to Youtube without have to know where the movie is on your hard drive.

    We’re one of the few districts that I know of that has Youtube unblocked, so we’re moving in that direction.

    And with that, I’m off to shovel 8″ of snow out of the driveway. 🙂

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