I’m a big fan of digital witnesses to history.

If you have not already, be sure to read Iowa principal Deron Durflinger‘s post from last Friday, “I Witnessed History Today.” How can we not only get the attention of our state legislators to recognize the power of 1:1 computing, but change their perceptions about our NEED for project-based 1:1 learning environments NOW in our schools? The Iowa students in grades 5-12 who testified for legislators last week answered this question powerfully. We need to let our students SHOW and DEMONSTRATE the power of connected, hyperlinked, media-rich learning for older, less digitally-saavy adults elected to lead our states and nation. Check out some of the social media conversations surrounding last Friday’s event by searching on Twitter with the hashtag, #vanmeter. Join the #vanmeter Twitter shout-out by adding your name and Twitter link to their ThinkLeadServe wiki.

Last Friday’s experience for Iowa learners in the statehouse demonstrates many things, but one which readily comes to mind after seeing some of their video is the public relations utility of equipping students to be capable webcasters and Storychasers!

Our group of principals in Minnesota I’m working with today for CASTLE is hoping to Skype with Deron later this afternoon to learn more.

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2 Responses to Student voices in the Iowa legislature

  1. John Carver says:

    It was a joy to join you and Van Meter Secondary Principal Deron via SKYPE last Monday. We are at the beginning of the beginning of educational transformation. Our Legislators do care about our young people and want to do the right thing for them. It is up to us to find those “teachable moments” to educate them and move their thinking forward. As with any other student, it is crucial we differentiate instruction to meet their learning styles. Or in other words, show and tell them multiple times in multiple ways coming from multiple directions. : )

    Great to have you be part of the CHANGE TEAM!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Glad to learn about Van Meter and the great work your team is doing there, John. Thanks again for sharing with our admin group in Minnesota this week. I’m glad to amplify your ideas and work here!

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