Great thoughts about why we should CHOOSE teaching from Gail Lovely:

To be a teacher — choose it as a calling, not a job.

Choose it to do something meaningful and powerful, with rewards only you might notice.

Choose it to be a role model.

Choose to be a teacher because you love learning.

Choose to be a teacher because you love learners.

Choose to be a teacher because you cannot imagine anything else so wonderful!

Catch up with Gail by following her on Twitter. I had a wonderful opportunity today to visit with Gail both during Darren Kuropatwa’s afternoon workshop session (quietly of course) and a bit this evening at our METC dinner. Her husband IS a real rocket scientist. Who knew? Her decision to share the quoted thoughts above on her homepage speaks volumes about her values as an educator and change agent for engaged learning.

H/T METC 2010 organizers for the opportunity to meet and visit with Gail today, and to Gail for being here and sharing! Gail has some great links on the “resources” section of her website.

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  1. Mark Ahlness says:

    Great stuff, and now from Louis Schmier, this classic:

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