These are my paltry notes from David Jakes’ METC 2010 presentation, “Beyond the Web 2.0 Hype: Focusing on What Really Matters.” I arrived a few minutes after this presentation started…. and unfortunately for my learning here (but good for my daughter) I had to step out to supervise a hotel swim before we check out later today. David’s preso is linked from: This entire session is being live-streamed and will be archived on the METC website.

We need to be careful of the term “social networking”
– academic networking may be better (baggage comes with “social networking” for many)

Remember the site,
– David showing his own ratings on the site

All of this has transitioned to:
– Facebook: 400 million/2.6 billion
– Blogs: 133/356 million
– 4.27 Billion
– Wikipedia: 10 million articles
– YouTube: 100 million videos, $1 million dollars a day spent by Google a day, 4 years of content published in a single day
– Twitter: 1.1 billion / 3 million / 50,000

Have you seen “log into my PC”
– kids logging into their home computers

Blogging is the hardest writing I’ve ever done, because you have to click the SUBMIT button

Flickr really documents the human condition

we need to put this all in context
– what works for our district may or may not work for you

Big question: What does it mean to be well educated in the 21st century?
– great conversation last night about LITERACY

Our high school has 250 teachers, each one has a different idea about literacy

Photo of a child: What will be possible for this child?
– virtual worlds: Webkinz as an example
– are about 6 million on Webkinz
Poptropica: 76 million users now

Soon in our high schools, we will have students who have had a LIFETIME of social networking – radar graph on virtual worlds

how many of you had hot wheels when you were young?
– toy manufacturers are recognizing that their physical product can be extended and amplified by a virtual world
– when will we realize this as educators in schools?

Have you seen Augmented reality yet?

Now showing webcam
– graphic, piece of paper
– showing augmented reality

I just got an Android
– this is anything BUT a phone
– we just went to a new cell phone


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