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Welcome to the iPhone class.

I am a 10 year Apple veteran. I didn’t buy the iPhone because I was on Verizon and I was bitter.

There are now over 200,000 apps on the iTunes store
– over 200 apps are released daily

today we will talk about favorite apps, some tips, more

This phone loves to eat battery
– this is a baby personal computing device

I ask people, “how often do you use your iPhone as a phone?”
– you need to have a gameplan: battery recharger

3G is the biggest battery sucker
– if you know you are not going to be near a charger, turn off 3G

Bluetooth also drains your battery

WiFi is always looking for a network, it always drains your battery

Location services: find the nearest …. drains the battery

dimming the screen really helps

turn the phone off, the battery is going to be safe

I started to carry around some accessories for charging

Kensington: $40 and $70, recharges your device fully in 45 minutes
– works like a charm, great to include in emergency kit

Solio: a solar powered battery charger
– Brad Pitt got in touch with them as part of his “Make It Right” project and got these to Katrina folks
– holds a 10 hour charge

If you are part of a natural disaster, turn your phone OFF
– you will drain batteries so fast looking for a network
– hang out with other people

Mophie Juice Pack
– case has a battery charge in it
– adds 2x to 3x to battery life
– $100

MILI is also available

Some cool cases
– Slider by InCase, $35

Company Speck, has Quickdraw case

Things you can do, tips
– make a screenshot by pressing home and power button at the same time

hold down the .com” button to get more choices like .org, .net, etc.
– can also hold down other keys like “n” to get other character choices

the “jeweler’s loop” is the magnifier you can use to select specific text

Handout: How to use the top 40 iPhone 3.0 features

I use – lists all iPhone apps as they are released

Notepad by Polar Bear Software
– a lot cleaner

Now sharing EverNote, note synching server, FREE

Favorite Twitter App: Echofon

RTM = Remember The Milk
– app is free, but to use the sync feature you have to pay $25 per year
– this is a great to-do list


File syncing: now showing Dropbox
– creates shared folder on your computer
– move files to that shared folder, it syncs with your folder on the web
– your shared folder automatically has an images folder
– you can share those directly
– you get 2 GB free

I am a .Mac user but I still use Dropbox because of the image option

Anyone else have problems with spelling on your device?
Duck You Undo

iVideo Camera for 2G and 3G Phone

Why does iPod Touch not have a camera? People buy the iPhone because it DOES have a camera. It’s all about the price point for Apple.

Mapping Apps
Loopt: online location services meets social networking

Around Me: 99¢ to get rid of the ads
– I love this for finding close restaurants,

Geocaching: Now official app for $10 (remember that is 2 kids’ happy meals)

i-Finder (I can’t find this online)

– CoPilot Live, $35 for regional map, does great with points of interest
– TomTom: $100 per area, expensive and not very good
– Navigon: $100 per area, is default GPS in Toyota, Audis, etc (does pretty good with points of interest, tells you lane to switch to)

Navigon is my favorite GPS unit on the market now, but price is pretty steep

If you’re on a budget, get Motionx GPS Drive, just $3 and provides turn by turn directions
– voice-based directions cost $20 per year
– can cache maps in advance
– does points of interest files
– not as assistive as Navigon, but for $3 how can you go wrong


Now some “not-so-productive” apps


Skip It lets you shake your phone to skip songs

Beejive: works on all IM clients
– will capture text messages you weren’t online for to email, SMS, and re-populates your app when you connect



Sports App: Check out Sportacular Pro

USA Today news app lets you push them out to Twitter

CNN app has ads, but their real agenda is getting you to submit an article as an iReporter
– if you want to have money, call CNN first to sell a report rather than just giving it away as an iReporter

UStream: watch live events as they happen, or broadcast them
– 3 apps now: Viewer, Recorder, and Broadcaster

Yelp is great because of the user-generated reviews
– recommendations for things to order
– can turn on the camera, and it will show you what restaurants are in a particular direction


Fast Food Premium

Wacky Stuff
– Viper SmartStart
– USAA check deposit app
– Red Laser

Favorite games:

airport mania

jet set

Sudoko Grab: lets you take a picture of real Sodoko board and it makes an iPhone version

very addictive: Words with Friends
– Scrabble with Facebook

Now for education: Web 2.0 apps
– $5 for the app
– great way to share with parents

Ocarina: turns you iPhone or iPod Touch into a pan flute
– also are virtual kazoo, trumpet, etc

Star Walk: Uses GPS coordinates for stargazing map

Iridium Flares: shows you where satellites that are reflecting sunlight are and when

Official NASA app: Mission tracker, mroe

Assistive Applications
– we are NOT using this device NOW for assistive needs, people with disabilities
– replaces a device that costs thousands of dollars, costs $180
– kids can tap out things they could use with AAC system
– imagine this when iPad comes out

Dragon dictation: speak into your device, get a text file

iMagnify: turn your device into an 8x magnifying glass

Roller Coaster Physics

MotionX GPS: personal waypoints, trackers, stopwatch

Crazy Machines: use a variety of items to build your own machine
– remember the game “mousetrap?”


iTranslate Plus

Google Earth

Favorite resources for iPhone apps, have about 70 pages of favorite apps

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