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Communication in the Digital Age (via ShareTabs)

I’m presenting twice this afternoon for librarians and staff in the Pioneer Library System of Oklahoma, on the topic, “Communication in the Digital Age.” Rather than prepare a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation today, I’ve chosen to share resources utilizing the free website ShareTabs. By using ShareTabs, I’m able to provide attendees with a single link ( which contains all the websites and web videos we’re utilizing in today’s presentation. ShareTabs is great, and a tool I included on January 18, 2010, when I presented a session titled, “Quick Victories for 1:1 Classrooms” in Red Rock, Oklahoma.

ShareTabs for Communicating in the Digital Age by Wesley Fryer

These resources (and links to my other presentations / workshops) are available on, a website I maintain via Google Sites.

I saw Carolyn Thompson adeptly utilize ShareTabs in her November 30, 2009, presentation “Models of Contemporary Learning” at our Oklahoma 1:1 Pre-bidder’s conference.

It’s always GREAT to have a chance to share and learn with librarians! 🙂


I also shared the following websites during the presentation, which are not included in the ShareTabs link:

Sarah’s VoiceThread Book Report about The Lightning Thief

Common Sense Media


Google Chrome


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