The K-12 Online Conference is an organization, event, and community every educator should recognize. FREE, high-quality, on-demand professional development can be hard to come by, and K-12 Online now includes over 170 outstanding video presentations in its archives. While the conference has taken place the past four years in October (2006, 2007 and 2008) and December (2009) – in 2010 the conference has added another aspect which continues throughout the year, twice per month: The K12Online Echo Webcast.

The next K12Online Echo Webcast will feature a conversation with Kelly Hines, about her 2009 K12Online presentation, “Little Kids, Big Possibilities.” This will take place at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST / 6 pm MST, 5 pm PST, Tues Feb 23rd or 0100 GMT on Wednesday, February 24th. That is tomorrow evening for those of us living in the Western Hemisphere. The page for the event will show you the time in your local time zone. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP on the event page on the K12Online Ning. When the event begins (or just before) you’ll want to point your web browser to the EdTechTalk Ustream Studio: The webcast will last an hour.

Prior to and during the 2009 K-12 Online Conference, EdTechTalk provided its “Ustream Studio” for Echo Webcasts and Fireside Chats with presenters and participants. This model, using Ustream to play back portions or all of a past presentation and then “backchanneling” to discuss the ideas and resources brought up in the presentation using EdTechTalk’s chat room, is a fantastic one for blended professional development. Educators at all levels need more opportunities to engage in digitally interactive learning experiences, and the K12Online Echo Webcasts can help!

Thanks to the hard work of Jose Rodriguez, Peggy George, Kim Caise, Jen Wagner, EdTechTalk staff, and many others, all the 2009 K12Online Conference live events remain archived online. Susan Van Gelder continues to lead and host the 2010 K12Online Echo webcast series, and past Echo events are also available online.

In the February 9/10 K12Online Echo Webcast, Chris Walsh engaged the community in a dialog while his video streamed: Moogpal in Action from the 2009 K12 Online Conference. Be sure to also check out the chat log from this event.

On January 27th for the K12Online Echo webcast, Jen Wagner shared and discussed her 2009 preso, “If You Host It They Will Come.” Again, check out the chat log too as well as the archived video!

Many, many thanks to Susan van Gelder, Dave Cormier. Jeff Lebow, and others who are continuing to carry forward the torch of engaged, digital learning via the K12 Online Echo Webcast series! Please join us tomorrow for #3 of 2010 with Kelly Hines!

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