Silvia Tolisano is an amazing educator and teacher-leader. She shared her presentation for the 2009 K-12 Online Conference, “Around the World with Skype,” in both English and Spanish versions. This is one of the best practical video tutorials for using Skype instructionally with students I have ever seen.

Sylvia’s “supporting documents” post for this presentation is thorough and also fantastic. If you are or are considering using Skype or other videoconferencing tools with students in your classroom, don’t miss Sylvia’s outstanding presentation and resource list. The preso is just over 20 minutes long.

Tonight, thanks to Richard Byrne, I learned Sylvia has also published a book on digital storytelling: “How-To-Guide: Digital Storytelling – Tools for Educators.” Sylvia has made this available as a free eBook, or a paperback version via Lulu for $8.50 US. I’m eager to read it both for our Storychasers nonprofit as well as our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling project.

Way to go Sylvia! You rock.

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3 Responses to Silvia Tolisano on Skype in the Classroom and Digital Storytelling

  1. Adlyn says:

    you all should upload some examples that are really interesting. (:
    i have been looking for like two days and i can’t find any! haha
    i need it for class.
    just saying.

  2. Luseea says:

    Thanks for this very illustrative video. I will be adapting some of these techniques just for the fun of it, since I no longer have a brick and mortal classroom but I will make it work in a blog.
    Will be purchasing Ms. Tolisano’s book.

  3. […] is a great video presented at the K-12 Online conference by Sylvia Tolisano (Our class was proud to be one of those […]

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