I created this today using “The Newspaper Clipping Generator.” I wish this was true.

Two Flowers Unblocks Ning

In case you can’t read the above text on this Flickr image, here it is as text:

In a move that has stunned technology fear-mongers and edtech vendors statewide, the internet service provider “Two Flowers” has decided to unblock the website Ning.com on school networks for which it provides content filtering services.

James Scaryman, CEO of Two Flowers, issued a written statement which has been picked up by the AP and other wire services: “We decided to just scrap the fear mongering game with schools. Sure there is objectionable content online, and we’re still providing a basic level of content filtering. We were scaring people to death telling them they would all die if they opened Ning on their network, and the truth is we were lying. Lots of kids are already bypassing the content filter at school with proxies, so effectively the main people we were keeping off sites like Ning were teachers.”

James went on to endorse the work of digital storytelling groups like Story Chasers Inc., based in Oklahoma, who use Ning networks to demonstrate the power of safe, collaborative publishing online which educators moderate and gatekeep. “Storychasers really is the bomb,” James said. We’re so excited they are extending the “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” project now into Kansas. “Celebrate Kansas Voices” is going to rock the house.

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2 Responses to Two Flowers Unblocks Ning

  1. Eric says:

    The name of this blog site caught my attention and I love this post. It cracked me up. As a teacher I know exactly what you’re saying. The students can get around filters and they really do just keep teachers blocked. 🙂

  2. Carl says:

    What a great resource (Newsclipping generator) – lots of possibilities for student feedback and I like that it frees them up to focus on content rather than form/design. Also useful to get them to think about the power and authority of the media and our expectations.

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