I absolutely love my iPhone and can’t wait to try out an iPad. I often wonder, however, how Apple is going to balance the creativity and new functionalities offered by new iPhone app developers with their corporate desire (and perhaps contractual obligations to AT&T) to continue exerting control and influence over certain kinds of developed applications.

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One of the application categories about which I wonder is the web browser. Up to this point, Safari has been the only web browser available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. That may be changing, however. The mobile-optimized browser Opera-Mini is reportedly SIX TIMES faster than Safari on the iPhone, and has been submitted to Apple for approval. This two minute video demonstration is quite impressive.

Opera Mini is already available for many other smartphones. Hopefully we’ll see an officially approved version on the Apple App Store soon!

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One Response to Opera Mini Browser Coming to the iPhone / iPod Touch?

  1. Scott Weidig says:


    The only issue here from what I am reading about opera-mini is that it really is more of a renderin engine than a browser… Similar to skyfire for winmo phones… All processing is done on a server and basically a “view” of te page is sent to the phone… Here is an article on it http://www.technewsdaily.com/opera-mini-smokes-iphones-safari-browser-0347/

    I used skyfire on my MotoQ and it was great (rendering flash and all) but and it was a big BUT the sites were limited especially when you wanted to login etc as the proxy system didn’t allow for passing through certain credentials.

    We’ll see how Opera fairs over time on the iPhone. Oh, and I though it interestingto mention the default browser on my MotoQ was Full Opera Mobile 7.6 … And I still was looking for a better browsing experience back then… Safari mobile on my 3GS has outperformed all my previous winmo browsers…


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