These are my notes from Hall Davidson’s closing keynote, “Deep, Deep Dive into Digital: It’s Wild in There!” at the 12th annual Palm Beach County Schools Technology Conference. MY THOUGHTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.

Hall’s website on is “Media Matters.”

Hall helped found Kitzu

Make sure you have your cell phones out and on
– pretty soon

Make sure all your devices are out and on!

Set your ringers/alerts to Applause

So let’s make a dream lesson together now
– Post a lesson you would like the Teacher With A Thousand Brains to build.

– double click to leave a post-it note

These are requests for the dream-team

Another WallWisher site will be used for BUILDING THE LESSON after we select it
– we’ll suggest assets there

We have a 1000 brains here, why waste them all just listening?

At MACUL 2010, we broke up “The Star Spangled Banner” and had people sing pieces using Hall’s Google Voice account

We really can all build great things when we collaborate together

Now watching a

If you look at Google Search terms they predicted influenza hospitalizations, 2 weeks out

2010 is important: This is the year when WSJ predicted digital music sales will surpass physical sales in revenue

Some of you have never seen this before: this is a record
– this is a 45
– last time kids could legally bring 45s to school
– and that is the “b side”

In the old days you went to a record store

now showing teen bedroom with record player, lava lamp, Jackson Browne album
– anyone have a bedroom like this?
– “and you all look so young!”

Music was very important and it all went through a gatekeeper
– now those gatekeepers are gone


Photo of Hall’s son back in the clamshell mac days

how do you hear about good music now?
– myspace, facebook
– we all used to listen to the same radio channel

How many of you went to a session on iTunesU today?

Poll everywhere survey now:

Biggest obstacle to becoming fully 21st century classrooms?
– staff
– time
– money
– fear
– equity
– lack of shared vision

Now let’s look at what we brainstormed:

How often do we get chances to tap into each other’s brains together?


We are past year One – 2010
– bad economy
– technology
– engagement for 21st century learners (they are different creatures)

Plato (analog)

Georgia: $19 on digital resources vs $79 for analog

SETDA Nov 2009: “They’re finally getting it….”
– “teachers aren’t using textbooks anymore…”
– report from Texas Education Agency Director

Photo from National Teacher Training Institute in Marin County, CA

Economy: Recalculating Resources
– photo from California: Digital Textbook Symposium

I thought you might want to hear this announcement directly from a second language learner (HALL DOES GREAT ARNOLD IMPERSONATIONS)

digital means BRANCHING technology
– now showing discovery streaming
– Discovery Science

Kids don’t have problems paying attention, they have problems paying attention to the stuff we give them [IN SCHOOLS]

Fast Company article: Log On and Learn: Devices, Sites, and Apps for Kids

Most of you in the room have the Discovery Streaming Library
– create mashups
– differentiate by giving some kids articles, some songs, some videos

Now telling about “Film on the Fly” cell phone video contest at the end of FETC awhile back
– participant overcame the biggest fear we have as human beings: public speaking (sharing her video in front of thousands at the closing keynote)

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