This Friday, April 23rd, the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association (ODLA) will hold its spring conference at the K-20 Center on the campus of Oklahoma University in Norman. The conference program is available in PDF format.

The conference keynote speaker will be Dr. Kurt Gramoll. The conference program includes the following bio for Dr. Gramoll:

Prof. Kurt Gramoll graduated from Virginia Tech in 1988 with a PhD in Engineering Mechanics. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Utah. He has taught at the Univ. of Memphis, Georgia Tech and at the University of Oklahoma. He currently holds the Hughes Centennial Professorship in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at OU. He has also worked at the National Japanese Institute of Space and Astronautical Science for one year. Currently, he teaches classes in both mechanics and electronic media.

Research work in educational technologies include CD- and web-based courseware including Statics and Dynamics (published by Addison Wesley), Mars Navigator CD and Video Animation for NASA.

Training CDs and web sites for industry include the MSC/PATRAN analysis software training CD, Cisco routers CD, NASA space transpor- tation CD, and various industrial training systems. Current research involves server-based, large-scale learning and training systems. Projects include Tinker Air Force Base (Oklahoma City, OK) training modules for environmental management, Defense Ammunition Center (McAlester, OK) online demilitarization process maps tool, Professional Engineering Review website, undergraduate statics and dynamics courses, and K12 teacher education using electronic media. He has also consulted with various companies for online training and education.

Kurt Gramoll has written numerous conference and journal papers on eLearning, engineering education, and electronic media. He has also written 6 eBooks for engineering, including Dynamics, Statics, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Theromodynamics, and Math.

One of Dr. Gramoll’s online publications of possible interest to K-12 teachers is the OU Engineering Media Lab Ecourses Web Portal:

eCourses web portal is designed to assist both students and professors in basic engineering courses. The web site includes all instructional material to conduct a course and there is no cost to either the instructor or student. Features include eBook, database of homework/quiz/test problems, solution to all problems, lectures in both Quicktime and Flash format, computer grading, and utilities. To help facilitate communications between students, instructors, and TAs there is an integrate web board and collaborative drawing board. Each web-based course is controlled and administered by the instructor.

I’m thinking this should be a high-tech keynote, from a content perspective, and am looking forward to it. Please join us in Norman for ODLA 2010 on Friday!

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2 Responses to ODLA 2010 Spring Conference Program Available

  1. Kent Chesnut says:

    Thanks for posting this… it isn’t often that I hear about such an event in my own back yard until it’s over! Can I make it? We’ll see.
    Have a great day, Kent

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Hope you can come, Kent! ODLA is always a good conference, with lots of networking opportunities.

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