The more I use my iPad, the more I love it. Yes, there are certainly issues I think limit the platform and I hope will change someday… but overall, I really DO think the iPad is a gamechanger. The proliferation of apps for the device is a big reason. My favorite thing thing about the iPad as a computer, however, is the weight: At a pound and a half, it’s light as a feather compared to my (relatively older) 10+ pound MacBook Pro. I don’t want to carry my laptop with me anymore, I just want to bring my iPad. It’s not a complete laptop replacement YET, but for many contexts it’s all I need.

Here are the top ten news applications I am enjoying on my iPad now. I created a curated list of these on Appolicious, which is linkable and includes reviews by others.

My favorite iPad News Applications

I have all of these on my home/initial screen of my iPad currently, because these are applications I’m using most frequently.

Current iPad Home Screen: 7 May 2010

In case you can’t view the images above from Flickr in your location, or just want to read text-versions of these short reviews, here they are in text form.

USA TODAY for iPad

Great interface, all four sections, photos of the day are superb, supports Twitter sharing. Currently doesn’t offer customization

Fluent News Reader

Aggregates news from multiple sources, supports Twitter sharing, can customize with sections/topics of interest.

NPR for iPad

Great interface, easy to navigate multiple channels and topics, supports sharing via Twitter.

BBC News

Great to get the BBC’s British and non/US-centric view of news, supports some customization of followed topics, supports Twitter sharing.

AP News

Has a unique “floating articles” interface, uses location for localized weather, supports Twitter sharing

WSJ – The Wall Street Journal

Although it’s created to encourage $4 per WEEK commercial subscriptions, the free version permits access to the current day’s newspaper and updated articles. Watchlists can be created. Does NOT support Twitter sharing, can just email. Requires account creation and login. Many articles LOCKED for non-subscribers.

NYT Editors’ Choice

Limited access currently to NYT articles, is free tho. Disappointment compared to iPhone version. No Twitter sharing, can email.

Reuters Galleries

Phenomenal image galleries on the iPad, really a superb way to visually process current events. Love this app.

IMDb Movies & TV

Great way to explore movies old and new, love the way you can explore image galleries for individual actors and actresses. My 9 year old LOVES this app.

The Weather Channel Max for iPad

Large formatted maps with radar are great, especially in tornado country in the spring. Can select specific locations to follow.

All of these applications and all the others our family uses on our iPad, iPhones, and iPod Touch are listed in my personal Appolicious library. I love the automated option Appolicious provides to sync your iTunes app library. The always helpful Lucy Gray shared Appolicious with me a few months ago, and I’ve enjoyed using it ever since. Lucy was the guest on last night’s Seedlings webcast, so for more great tips and perspectives from her (as well as Bob Sprankle, Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr) head over to the Seedlings’ page on EdTechTalk and download that episode. Also check out the weekly “Geek of the Week” shares, which Bob included in his cross-posted version with show notes on Bit by Bit.

All of the iPad apps I’ve listed above are FREE, although some include commercial options (like the Wall Street Journal.) I’m not the only one disappointed in the New York Times app, Steve Jobs is also reportedly disappointed in it. This seems ironic since he demoed reading the NYT when he debuted the iPad.

Google Reader’s interface for the iPad continues to be my all-time favorite news source, however. It’s not an app, it’s web-based.

What are your favorite iPad news applications? Am I missing any on your list that you’re enjoying?

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