This morning in our 5th grade Sunday school class, several students were able to use the free program “PaperDesk LITE for iPad” to share illustrations on our LCD projector which they drew to help visualize some of the vocabulary words and concepts which were a part of our lesson.

Zane's illustration of 2 Timothy 3:16

I was delighted to find this program since it supports VGA-out, using the iPad’s VGA connector. I’m hopeful the new iPad software released this summer by Apple will support background applications / multi-tasking, so ScreenSplitr and DemoGod will work on the device without a jailbreak. (Guest blogger Sherman Nicodemus wrote about those apps here over Spring Break in March.) It would be wonderful to be able to share ANY iPad applications over the projector. My favorite iPad and iPhone drawing application remains Brushes, but it does not currently have VGA-out support. Brushes allows users to save images directly to the iPhone/iPad Photo Library, where they can then be uploaded to Flickr (and other destinations) via PixelPipe.

PaperDesk LITE for iPad allows users to email individual notebook pages / images, but not save them separately to the Photo Library. I used the default screen-capture buttons (pressing down the HOME and POWER buttons on the iPad simultaneously) to take the images of our in-class drawing today on our class blog. The free version of PaperDesk (which I used) is fully featured, except notebooks are limited to a maximum of three pages.

I think the ability to draw and sketch on tablet-devices like the iPad is fantastic, and opens up a multitude of teaching and learning possibilities which are not available when students “just” have laptops.

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One Response to Pleased with VGA-out capabilities of PaperDesk LITE for iPad

  1. Scott says:

    As the developer of this app, I am very pleased to see it’s been put to good use!
    If you want a free copy of the paid version, go to my website at and send me an email.

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