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Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing (supplementary curriculum videos)

Brad Logan from Mountain View – Gotebo Schools in Oklahoma created and shared the 5.5 minute video, “Sister’s Story,” on our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community. This powerful video recounts his sister’s memories of the 1995 terrorist bombing of the Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. Brad did a great job including his own narration as well as interview audio from his sister in this digital story.
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This is the fifth video Oklahoma teachers and students have shared on our learning community website about some aspect of the Murrah building tragedy in the past three years, as part of Celebrate Oklahoma Voices. If you are addressing terrorism or the history of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing specifically in your curriculum, consider using one or more of these videos to discuss the history and issues surrounding these events with your students.

  1. Sister’s Story by Brad Logan (5:28)
  2. Innocence Lost by Andrea (2:39)
  3. Unsung Heroes: Oklahoma Responds by Geraldine Southern (3:06)
  4. A Day in the History of Oklahoma by Catherine Elizabeth Walling (3:20)
  5. Oklahoma City Bombing by Mallory-Randa-Jessica (2:09) – This was a student project

On April 5, 2010, Oklahoma governor Brad Henry signed House Bill 2750 into law which makes the study of the Murrah building bombing a mandatory part of the curriculum for Oklahoma students starting in 2010-2011. according to the bill’s original language:

A study of the bombing and its aftermath can help students learn the impact of violence, the senselessness of using violence to solve problems or effect government change, and the importance of personal responsibility.

HB 2750 Denney

The COV learning community group “OKC Bombing” has been created to share videos, links, and other curriculum ideas/resources related to this event. The five videos above are all embedded on the group’s forum post, “COV Videos on the Oklahoma City Bombing (May 2010.)

Anyone age 13 and above (in any location worldwide) is welcome to join the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community website. Only registered members can comment on videos and participate in forum discussions. Membership is moderated by project facilitators, and submitted videos are moderated as well. Learn more about Celebrate Oklahoma Voices on our project wiki, and learn more about Storychasers by visiting

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