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Kansas Teachers: Register for Celebrate Kansas Voices (CKV) 4-6 August 2010!

If you are a PK-20 teacher in Kansas, you’re invited to apply now to participate in a 2.5 day “Celebrate Kansas Voices” digital storytelling workshop to be held at Kansas State University 4-6 August 2010. Enrollment in CKV workshops is limited to 25 participants.

A complete agenda for the CKV workshop is available. Participants will learn how to:

  1. Plan and storyboard a short (3-5 minute) digital story
  2. Record audio using a portable digital recorder and a headset/microphone
  3. Edit a multi-track audio file using Audacity software (free/open source)
  4. Find and collect copyright friendly images for use in a media project using homegrown/public domain sources, images licensed under Creative Commons, and images utilized under fair use provisions of US copyright law
  5. Combine audio with images using free software (PhotoStory3 or iMovie)
  6. Safely publish a short (3-5 minute) video online in our learning community

CKV is presented by Storychasers, and is modeled on the successful “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” digital storytelling project. Anyone is welcome to learn more about “Celebrate Kansas Voices” by joining our free, online learning community: Questions about CKV can be directed to Storychasers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wesley Fryer

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