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5 generations of babies: Rocking the same cradle

I find the concept of “place-based storytelling” compelling. Places often have stories. Objects can have stories too, and that is the case in Edna Parrish’s six minute video, “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Baby Cradle.” This is a touching story of a baby cradle from the mid-1800s which has criss-crossed the American midwest multiple times to serve as a comforting bed for five generations of babies in an extended midwestern family.

Find more videos like this on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices!

This video was the first one Edna had ever created on a computer, although she has worked extensively with audio on public radio. She did a great job sharing this story. This week in our COV workshop she had her first opportunity to work on an Apple computer and in iMovie as well. Her experiences were very positive: At the end of our workshop she said, “I’m convinced! I’m getting a Mac!” Woo hoo!

This video and others from our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices workshop in MidDel Public Schools last week are now featured in the COV Learning Community. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices is a statewide oral history project presented by the nonprofit Storychasers.

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