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Tips and Tricks from Kevin Honeycutt #icil2010 (Colby, Kansas)

These are my notes from Kevin Honeycutt’s presentation, “Tips and Tricks” at the 2010 iConnect, iLearning Conference. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS. Part of this preso was recorded via Ustream.

The initial few minutes of this preso were also archived, but Kevin doesn’t start until 2:30 into the presentation. Connectivity issues caused this recording to “break” into two parts, as happened with my keynote in the morning.

“With all of the new tools we can bring to bear in learning, it’s still all about the relationships we create with kids.”

How can we connect kids to a bigger world?

Did you make a mistake during puberty?
– Can you Google it?

I have a use lease for our laptops at home
– My son has to create something worth sharing at least once per week

There are more honors students in India than there are KIDS in the United States
– they are literally and figuratively hungry for the jobs your kids will want
– kids shouldn’t just ‘snack on the web’

What are you building with the most powerful learning tools in human history?

In the future the person who is not networked competing against the person who IS will be like Cro Magnon Man competing against Homo Sapiens

What’s a network of supportive peers worth in your back pocket on your worst day?

I’m amazed my Art Snacks “Great White Shark” video has been viewed over 24,000 times. (

Anything you can show someone how to do works on YouTube

Ask this: What would you build for your Grandkids?

I videotape these with my iPhone

It took crazy teachers to save me in school, who loved their subject areas so much

Rooms are often setup in “the custodial arrangement”
– we know the room setup in most classrooms: students in the front row are policymakers
– students in the back row are bystanders

No kid in school should have anything worse than a 2nd row seat
– with a laptop, I can put every student on the front row
– I can change the rules of the game

then I cracked the code: The next right answer is the next dark word in the textbook chapter

Agree or disagree: “Empowerment comes from being trusted to attack learning according to your own strengths!”

What are some ways we could and do let kids learn differently?

We should attack digital tools like we were dumpster diving for our kids.

What are some creative ways we could and do let kids learn differently?

We marry tools in education. (file cabinets, overhead projectors, etc.)
– we need to think creativity instead – kids as authors… today!
– example “Revere’d Writing” – Minnesota school publishing best student work in paper format using

Don’t use a digital tool professionally before you play with it personally

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One response to “Tips and Tricks from Kevin Honeycutt #icil2010 (Colby, Kansas)”

  1. Eyal Dessou Tzafrir Avatar

    This video is very cool.
    “What are some ways we could and do let kids learn differently?” – I love this question. This is my answer – Faces iMake – Creative Craziness !!! – an iPhone app.

    We have developed this App in conjunction with internationally renowned author and illustrator Hanoch Piven and based on his highly acclaimed and sold out Art Workshops around the world, Faces iMake teaches you to look at the world around you with fresh eyes.?

    Piven, winner of Time Magazine’s, ”One of Ten in Best Children’s Books”” and straight off the pages of Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, says about Faces iMake:

    “I wanted Faces iMake to be a virtual workshop with me and reflect what happens in the real world when you work with objects. Therefore you can rotate and move objects around but you cannot resize them. This limitation which might seem annoying at first makes you become more resourceful and creative. The idea is to play and to play some more. All great art is born from playing. Therefore Faces iMake is a game as much as it is an art workshop.”

    Check it out –

    Thank you for bringing up such great subjects.

    iMagine machine