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Phenomenal Math Curriculum Makeover Video by Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer’s twelve minute talk at TEDxNYED in March 2010 is one of the best videos I’ve seen not only discussing how multimedia can be used effectively by math teachers to bring “real world” problem solving into the classroom, but even more importantly how we as math teachers can fundamentally change our PEDAGOGY to encourage (as Dan says) both “math reasoning and patient problem solving” I love it!

I love his breakdown of the way we SHOULD approach word problems: VISUAL image first, then a good question, and ONLY after those initial two phases do we add structure and possibly steps.

Dan Meyer on Word Problem Steps

Dan blogs on and is ddmeyer on Twitter.

If you know someone who teaches math, share this video with them. If you teach math (in any capacity) take twelve minutes to listen to Dan’s entire message. While you’re at it, be sure to also share two of my favorite educational technology use examples for mathematics:

  1. Darren Kuropatwa‘s Scribe Blog Post Hall of Fame (and the entire idea of “Scribe blog posts”)
  2. The Mathcast 247 Project

H/T to Jean Hendrickson of Oklahoma A+ Schools for highlighting this fantastic video today during day 1 of our Oklahoma Creativity Institute! 🙂

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