There is a lot to be said for disconnecting from technology. This week I am partially disconnecting at Camp Alexander about 50 miles west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The photo below shows a rock outcrop in the middle which is the only location at camp which has cell phone coverage. I climbed up this evening and reported in to family about our safe arrival and the fun we’ve had so far.

Camp Alexander, Colorado

All the scouts at camp (about 400 per week) had to “check in” all their electronics shortly after we arrived. The prohibition on electronics and phone usage doesn’t apply to adults. 🙂 Wifi is provided for adult and camp staff use in an adult cabin and at the dining hall. Thanks to free wifi at a McDonalds on the way here today and at camp, I shared about 100 photos from our explorations at Camp USAFA and the Garden of the Gods enroute to camp. I’m sure family members of our 48 boy and adult campers this week back in Edmond will be checking these out online! I’m transferring photos and uploading from my Dell Mini10 Netbook.

Although I hope to do writing and reading this week which will involve electronic screens, I think I’m really going to enjoy the environmentally-imposed cell phone use limitations.

It’s great to be back in the mountains of Colorado!


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3 Responses to VERY limited cell phone reception

  1. Leigh Zeitz says:

    Somehow I don’t think that you could actually survive off the grid, Wes. Even when you are out on a scouting trip, you are blogging. I spent some time off the grid last year and reflected on it (when I got home.)

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the update on your trip, Wesley! It’s been a few years since I was the Aquatics Director at the Gus Blass Scout Reservation (in Damascus, AR), but these pictures, and a few words about the BSA experience were enough to pull at the nostalgic heartstrings here in British Columbia. Enjoy your outdoors-home this week!

  3. Chris Prout says:

    Enjoy your time at scout camp! I am enjoying my 21st summer at Lost Lake Scout Reservation in Clare, MI. I am the Digital Arts Director responsible for teaching Photography and Cinematography merit badges as well as putting together our end of the week slide show. Our Wi-Fi is at the camp office as well and is limited by bandwidth on a 24 hour basis. Have a great time at camp!
    Chris Prout

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