Marco Torres is the most talented and knowledgable photographer I know personally. I’ve only been fortunate to hang out in person a few times with Marco, but thankfully our digital connections today allow for “yodas” like Marco (his term btw) to influence us even when we are hundreds of miles apart. This week I saw Marco post the following iPhone photo of his boys to Facebook, and I immediately wondered, “How did he do that?!”

Marco's iPhone photo magic

The answer: With four different iPhone photo apps. These included Action Camera:

Action Camera



Photogene (note this screenshot shows Photogene for iPad, but Marco used Photogene for iPhone):


…and last of all, Diptic:


I’ve created a a new curated list of favorite photography apps on Appolicious which includes all these apps, plus five more of my favorites. That list has direct links to each app in the App Store.

Favorite iPhone photography apps

What are your favorite iOS photography apps?

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad. (Photos were uploaded with the Flickr app, embed codes were copied from within Safari, the app list was created within the Appolicious app, and the post draft was written initially in the default iOS Notes app. The first screensnap in this post was cropped with Adobe PhotoShop Express, and initially taken within the iPad-native Facebook app “Friendly.”)

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One Response to Magical iPhone Photo Apps

  1. Mark Barnes says:

    Wow, what powerful info, Wes. You had me racing to my smart phone the second I looked at this.

    I appreciate the time you put into this post, including the screen shots.

    Thanks a million.

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