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Reputation Management and Digital Footprints (video)

Steve Johnson (@edtechsteve on Twitter) posted the following 3 min, 40 sec video to The Educator’s PLN Ning in November 2009. The video, “Digital Footprints – Your New First Impression,” is based on a 2009 Harris poll about reasons employers report making positive or negative hiring decisions based on social media contributions of candidates.

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The May 2010 PEW Internet report, “Reputation Management and Social Media,” includes even more updated statistics related to digital footprints. These include the poll finding that a majority of adults now “Google themselves.” In my own presentations about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship for students as well as adults, the importance of taking a PROACTIVE role in managing your digital footprint is one of multiple themes I emphasize.

I’ve added this video link to my “Videos for PD” page under the heading, “Cyberbullying Prevention, Internet Safety, Safe Online Social Networking.”

Thanks to Karen Schaeffer Brooks for sharing this link via a comment on one of my Twitter cross-posts to Facebook.

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  1. tony fish Avatar

    Please take care as this approach is only one small aspect of your digital footprint. 100% agree with advise, be careful what you say about your self and others. However, what others say about you is not in your control.

    much more on