This evening I asked my three children, ages 6, 10 and almost 13, to create their personal “top 10 lists” for their favorite iOS applications. Here are their lists, which I’ve curated as linked lists on Appolicious, starting from youngest to oldest. I asked each of them to share a sentence or two about why they like that app or how they would describe the app to someone who hasn’t seen it before. I included those statements in quotations in each of their app lists below.

Rachel, age 6, loves applications which let her record her voice and then transforms the recording in different ways. She’s also an action game fan.

Rachel's favorite apps - August 2010

Sarah, age 10, loves simulation and cooking games.

Best iPhone Apps: Sarah's Favorite Apps - August 2010 by wfryer | Appolicious ™ iPhone & iPad App Directory

Alexander, who will be 13 in a few months, loves strategy games, action games, and simulation games.

Best iPhone Apps: Alexander's Favorite Apps - August 2010 by wfryer | Appolicious ™ iPhone & iPad App Directory

It’s interesting to see Doodle Jump made everyone’s top 10 list. Angry Birds is a favorite of Rachel and Alex, as well as me. Other than those two applications, I don’t think there were any others in common among all thirty “top apps.” That’s pretty amazing.

Our family uses the same iTunes Library, and tonight I synced it again to my Appolicious Library. We have 354 apps listed, although NOT all of them are apps we really like. (Alexander likes to try lots of different ones.) Lucy Gray is up to 542 apps in her Appolicious library! She is the person who initially turned me on to Appolicious. It’s the only website I’ve encountered which makes it easy to share your app lists with others, and rate apps in a way similar to Netflix.

Free App a Day and PandoraBox are two apps my son uses regularly to discover new apps, as well as monitor apps for sales so he can buy them with his limited 7th grade budget!

Are there any iOS apps which your kids or students absolutely LOVE these days which are NOT on the lists above?

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2 Responses to Best games for kids on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  1. Megan Iemma says:

    Crayon Physics, anything by Duck Duck Moose, iRockGuitar Lite, Band, Cookie Doodle (which my daughter is addicted to!), Puzzle Palace (where you can create your own puzzles), Faces iMake

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