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4 Responses to Easily Sync Google Calendars to your iPhone

  1. Marsha says:

    I’ve just spent the last week or two fixing problems with my iPhone and iCal….mosting because the gmail calendar seems to mess up the Mobile Me function. I didn’t know this when I started syncing everything together…but after a bit, I noticed that I had duplicate entries and then things started to really come apart. Eventually I had 4 calendars with different events…my iCal, my iPhone, gmail and the Mobile Me.
    After spending 2 hours with the Genius Bar folks who, in the end, couldn’t fix my problem and another 1.5 hours with online MM chat, I’ve learned that this gmail syncing wasn’t a good idea. Apparently there are “known” problem and they really mess up everything. Mine syncing worked fine for almost 8 months and then everything came apart.
    So…..I’m not saying it will happen on your phone or iCal or Mobile Me or gmail account….but it wouldn’t be unusual if it did. And it wouldn’t be usual according to all the Apple techies I’ve just spent hours talking with if it didn’t happen right away but when some server has a tweak or squeak…it all comes apart. The other thing I learned is that the gmail sync is particularly sensitive with the Mobile Me Calendar beta. I definitely wouldn’t do that again.
    My hard learned lessons.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Wow, thanks Marsha. I use mobile me extensively so I definitely don’t want to run into this. Perhaps this Google calendar sync is best for non-Mobile Me customers?

    To date I have subscribed to lots of Google Calendars on iCal on my Mac laptop, but I’ve subscribed using the calendar sharing link for iCal code specific to that calendar. This has worked well to see events on those calendars, but to add or edit events on them I do that via on my laptop browser. I can add and edit mobile me events on my iPhone and iPad fine. I am pretty happy with this functionality, and definitely don’t want to mess it up.

  3. guest says:

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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