If you haven’t sipped the Google Kool Aid and pronounced it GOOD in the context of email yet, here’s yet another compelling reason to do so: Gmail now offers FREE phone calls from within the Gmail interface to all phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada. That’s right: NOT just free cell phone to cell phone calls when you’re with the same provider, or “free” calls that still cost you cell phone minutes (like Google Voice) or free computer to computer calling as you can do with Skype – Now you can call your parent, child, friend or co-worker on their REGULAR phone line (whatever that might be) as long as it’s a US or Canada number, from your Internet-connected computer, for FREE. This 39 second video from Google, posted to the official Gmail blog on Wednesday this week, explains it better with visuals than I can with text.

What say you to this latest free VOIP offering from our friends at Google, telcos?!

Kool Aid Man

To use free Gmail phone calling, you need to install a free plugin available for Windows XP+ / Mac OS X 10.4+ / Linux.

H/T to James Deaton.

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3 Responses to Make free phone calls to land lines (US and Canada) from GMail #gct

  1. Bob Bissonnette says:

    I am not able to make a call In Canada using my gmail account. The plug in is installed rings but no answer – one message says not ready for Canada but your release says you are. Are you or are you not?

  2. bettyfields says:

    is this still free after 2010?

  3. Bhanu says:

    I have windows 7 and I installed the plug as mentioned to make a call within Canada,but the call doesn’t go through. What am I missing here?

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