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Share your 5 Photo Stories on Posterous!

Several years ago, Karen Montgomery created the Flickr Group, “Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators” to encourage visual literacy and this simple approach to digital storytelling: Using 5 images to share a visual story. This was inspired by the Flickr group, “Tell a story in 5 frames (Visual story telling),” which is excellent but does (from time to time) include some content NOT appropriate for all classroom settings.

This evening, in preparation for work this week in Shanghai at the Learning 2.010 Conference with my “Digital and Visual Literacy” cohort, I created a new shared/team blog on for sharing 5 Photo Stories for educators. I posted the following to Karen’s Flickr group:

I’ve created a new shared/team blog on Posterous to facilitate sharing 5 photo stories. The blog is on:

Anyone can post to this blog, but new posts are moderated and must be approved before showing up for the world. To post, simply attach your five photos to an email and use the title of your story as the SUBJECT of your email. Send your email to:

That’s it!

Whether or not you’re joining us in Shanghai for Learning 2.010, you’re welcome to contribute to the 5 Photo Stories Posterous blog. I started the sharing with my post, “Burger Heaven at Nic’s Grill in OKC.” I LOVE how Posterous does such a nice job formatting photos. If you’re using an iPhone or a new iPod Touch equipped with a camera, you can post to your own Posterous blog with the free application PicPosterous. To post to a shared/team blog like our 5 Photos site, however, I think you have to use email, and currently iOS devices are limited (as far as I know) to just sending one photo attachment at a time. For this reason, you’ll want to email your “5 Photo Stories” from a desktop or laptop computer so all of them will be included in the same post on our blog. If anyone knows a way to send more than one photo attachment at the same time with an iOS device, please let me know how! (ADDITION: It turns out you CAN post/share more than 1 photo at a time from an iOS device, and Michelle kindly provided those instructions in the comments to this post.)

More resources about digital storytelling are available on my week 3 curriculum page from last semester’s “Technology 4 Teachers” course, on the Storychaser’s wiki, my presentation/workshop wiki “Talk with Media: Using Copyright – Friendly Images,” and my Digital Storytelling resource page on my (now deprecated) PBworks site.

If you have not already, definitely download for free or buy Silvia Tolisano’s excellent book, “Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators.” It’s a GREAT resource that belongs in the library of all 21st century educators!

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3 responses to “Share your 5 Photo Stories on Posterous!”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    To email multiple photos on iOS, do the following:
    -Go to photo app and choose album or camera roll
    -Click the arrow button in upper right corner
    -Touch the photos you want to email-a checkmark should appear on the selected photos.
    -Click share at the bottom
    -Choose “email”
    -This opens an email with the photos attached.

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Michelle: How great is this?! Thanks so much for sharing this method. I didn’t know this was possible. Woo hoo!

    Email multiple iOS photos

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