This evening I shared an hour long presentation at our church for parents about Internet safety and digital citizenship. Among other resources, I shared the Google Family Safety Center, Google’s Family Internet Safety YouTube channel, and the recently posted 2.5 minute video, “Parents at Google UK talking about child safety online.”

I really like the balanced and practical ways these Google employees approach Internet safety with their own families. It’s wonderful for Google to share these kinds of video vignettes, I think they provide a good way to frame a balanced discussion with parents focused on Internet safety and digital citizenship issues.

I audio recorded our session and will post it soon, with all referenced resources, on the Eyes Right blog. Although some links are a bit out of date, I also shared my older PBworks / Teach Digital Internet Safety wiki site.

For a recent student-focused presentation on Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship, check out the following SlideShare Slidecast from September 12th in Alva, Oklahoma.

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One Response to Google UK Employees talk about Family Internet Safety

  1. fancynancy says:

    This was a great video to watch! Lately I have been worrying about my sisters and them using the social sites but I got plenty of ideas from this video! My favorite part was the parent that said their child has to play outside actively for as long as he was on the computer! That is an amazing idea, specially since the obesity rates are so high here in America!

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