These are my notes from Tom Barrett‘s presentation from England to educators in Memphis, Tennessee, USA attending the 1 Oct 2010 Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence’s fall conference. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.

Blogging is one of these technologies that is SO powerful
– a really simple way for students to connect together

My class blog this year:
– our class ClustrMap leads to ALL kinds of questions about where those dots are
– kids starting the day with their own questions, their own curiosity

ClustrMap on 1 Oct 2010 for Tom Barrett's classroom blog -

My mantra now, and you can think of this today in terms of technology: “Find as many exciting ways as possible to help each pupil achieve their best”

Watching video of students manipulating photos on a “light box” application environment (similar to the iOS multi-touch environment)

I’ve been involved with multi-touch technology now for about 4 years
– this technology really inspires me because we can blur the lines between the physical and virtual world
– this clip showed kids literally passing each other video clips
– giving children access to this type of rich media can be very powerful

Now playing a video of one of Tom’s students, controlling a scuba diver in the Nintindo Wii game “Endless Ocean”

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