This podcast is a recording of Philip Cummings’ presentation, “Say Yes to WikiPedia” on 1 Oct 2010 at the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence’s fall conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The session description was: “Students can use Wikipedia to develop critical thinking skills through authentic learning and real-life research and publishing.” Philip’s co-presenter, Julie Forbess, is a teacher at Millington Central High School in Shelby County Schools, Millington, Tennessee, but was not able to attend the conference. This project provides an outstanding opportunity for students to not only demonstrate real-world research skills, but also contribute to their community by more comprehensively reflecting facts about their area for digital visitors on WikiPedia.

Show Notes:

  1. MultiURL for this session (session links)
  2. My text notes from this session
  3. A Retrospective Saunter (Philip Cummings’ blog)
  4. Philip Cummings on Twitter: @Philip_Cummings
  5. The Martin Institute
  6. The Martin Institute Conference Wiki (with links to presentation resources)
  7. Twitter posts on #micon (Martin Institute Conference)

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