Eye opening statistic in today’s Fast Company article, “iFive: Nobel Peace Prize, Online Toddlers, Adobe-Microsoft Merger Muttering, London Bike Successes:”
…according to research from security firm AVN 82% of kids under two years old have some form of online presence.


According to the CNN article referenced by Fast Company, this statistic in the US as well as countries like New Zealand is even higher: 92% in the US, 91% for Kiwis.

Stats like this highlight the large disconnect in many of our US K12 schools which continue to block, via content filtering, the entire interactive web. What’s the answer to this quandary? I’m not sure, but I’m seeking an answer. Regular conversations about digital citizenship are certainly part of the solution we need in our homes, schools and communities.



This research doesn’t claim 82% of toddlers are online themselves, but rather 82% of parents are creating online profiles for their kids. Think conversations about Internet Safety and digital citizenship are just needed by youth in your community? Think again. Adults need help making online choices too.

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