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Gridlock may promote US Political Stability

This CSM article makes the interesting claim that gridlock in US federal politics may be a good thing because it promotes political stability.…
This reminds me of the pride I’ve heard some Texans share about how their legislature only meets bi-annually. (Every two years) This cuts the opportunities for state politicians to screw things up with new legislation in half.

One of the big problems with this situation, however, is the status quo. With military spending on two wars “off budget” and federal debt out of control, today’s economic status quo is hardly a condition we should want to maintain.

Personally, I think we need constitutional reform which would change the stranglehold on power which our two main parties currently enjoy. This would begin with campaign finance reform. We need to find ways to empower and amplify the voices of moderates and those seeking compromises, not just those extremists on either end of the political spectrum.

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