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Vote for Our Class Flip Video Scavenger Hunt Entries!

Last Wednesday and yesterday, undergraduate UNT students in my “Computers in the Classroom” course participated in a video scavenger hunt using Flip cameras. Each team was asked to embed their three favorite videos on a blog post. Please take fifteen minutes today to watch these short clips, and rate each team using the rating stars below.

Try opening each entry link in a new BROWSER TAB on your computer, so you can keep this rating window open as a separate / persistent tab. (Right click links and choose OPEN IN NEW TAB.) Note: One of the posts below is not yet “public” and two just include video links rather than embeds. Student teams have been asked to fix these issues, but if you cannot view videos readily please rate them accordingly. Please submit all your ratings by midnight, Tuesday November 2, 2010.

ENTRY 1 :Ranger Fans #1



ENTRY 2: Ranger Fans #2



ENTRY 3: Ranger Fans #3



ENTRY 4: Talking about Stress



ENTRY 5: Ranger Fans #4



ENTRY 6: Talking about Healthy Eating



ENTRY 7: Eclectic Race Entry #1



ENTRY 8: Ranger Fans #5



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One response to “Vote for Our Class Flip Video Scavenger Hunt Entries!”

  1. Brittney Jolly Avatar
    Brittney Jolly

    I really like this idea and I think it would be fun to do something like this in my EDM 310 class. I think it really gets us used to playing with different technology and using things we may have never used. Your students did a very good job with the videos and I thought they were very original.