This podcast is a recording of Cheryl Beaman and Michelle Barnes’ presentation, “Implementing 1:1 Prepare Our Students for Their Future… TODAY!” at the Innovative Learning Institute sponsored by the K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma on November 4, 2010. Cheryl and Michelle are educators at Grand View School in Oklahoma, which is near Tahlequah. Grand View is one of nineteen Oklahoma schools implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative this year funded by a Federal Title IID grant administered by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Grand View went with HP laptops for their 1:1 initiative because as a service provider and repair provider, HP was right next door– literally. They did not want to work with a company out of state, when they could work with a company that can literally “swing by” their school when repairs are needed. This was a FANTASTIC session, and as you’ll hear reveals SO many positive ingredients which are coming together for project-based, transformed learning at Grand View School. The official session description was: “Our school has gone from two computer labs to interactive whiteboards to a 1:1 laptop project in a little over a year. What it takes… what to watch out for… what you can prepare for… and what you can expect.”

Show Notes:

  1. Grand View Public Schools, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
  2. 1:1 Schools Google Map (includes all current Oklahoma 1:1 schools)
  3. Information on the 1:1 Schools Google Map
  4. Oklahoma Innovative Learning Institute, sponsored by the K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma

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