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UNT Socialists Protest Upcoming Speech by former President Bush

As a Storychaser interested in amplifying voices not often heard in the mainstream media, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to interview UNT student Will Clark last week about the reasons he opposes his university paying $100,000 to former President George W Bush for a speech to students later in the month. Will also explained some of his reasons for advocating socialism and the overthrow of the capitalist system in the United States. As a student of political science myself, I was quite interested to hear his views, even though I did not agree with all of them.

I recorded this video on my own iPhone 3GS, and uploaded / shared this information from my own laptop computer and a private, non-university provided Internet connection. (I want to clarify this since I’m an employee this term of UNT as an adjunct instructor. No university computing resources or equipment were utilized in the recording, processing or sharing of this video or these photos.)

Check out further photos from Will’s booth at UNT on my Flickr set, “UNT Socialists.”

Student socialists at UNT

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One response to “UNT Socialists Protest Upcoming Speech by former President Bush”

  1. Jason N. Avatar
    Jason N.

    Man I really love these people. Go ISO!