Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Carl Anderson on Learning and the Purpose of School (video)

Yesterday in St Paul, Minnesota, I had an opportunity to interview educator Carl Anderson about his ideas on learning and the purpose of school. Carl has been conducting interviews with many people the last few years and asking them about these topics, and he’s heard some diverse answers. Many people disagree about the purpose of school. I resonate with the concerns Carl has about “the things school could eliminate or squash” from his own children. Those ideas are central to the unschooling movement, and the writings of educator John Holt, which Carl also discusses. What do you think?

Carl is @anderscj on Twitter and writes the blog, Techno Constructivist.

My August 2006 post, “Doug Belshaw on John Holt and authentic learning” references some of these ideas about unschooling.

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