It’s quite interesting to spend three days a week this semester teaching and writing on the campus of the University of North Texas, in Denton. Last week the organization, “Justice for All” sponsored a controversial anti-abortion campaign. These were the signs that greeted students, faculty, and others walking by the student union and the outdoor display.

Warning: Graphic Photos Ahead

Hurting from Abortion?

The campaign included large billboard-sized signs and photographs, set up to encourage people to question their perceptions and ideas about birth and abortion.

Anti-Abortion Education Campaign (UNT)

An area for students to write comments was provided, along with a voting table.

Anti-Abortion Education Campaign (UNT)

Anti-Abortion Education Campaign (UNT)

If you’re interested in seeing the entire display, you can see additional images in this Flickr set. I will warn you, however, the images are (as the sign indicated) very graphic. I’m pretty sure this educational campaign caused more than a few students as well as passers-by to question their own ideas about abortion and the beginning of life. It will be interesting to see if “Planned Parenthood” stages some kind of campaign on campus this semester in response. Some of the messages left by students on the “free speech board” indicated they were very upset by this display being on campus, and the graphic nature of the photographs included.

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One Response to Controversial Anti-Abortion Education Campaign at UNT

  1. Grandma Carol says:

    Clearly anyone who refers to pro-life as “anti-abortion” isn’t. Secondly, giving birth is not neat and clean and very “graphic.” So is taking life, or having an abortion. Too bad these kids who most likely have dropped the “f” bomb like candy from a pinata have such sensitive eyes, when their ears and mouths are anything but! If these materials save one innocent life then, I’m like totally for it.

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