Today at the Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma City on 17 November 2010, an artist demonstrated what he has drawn using the iPad application Brushes this week at the conference. This was amazing! (I didn’t catch his name, so if you know please comment here or tweet it to me.) This six minute video unfortunately does not show all the drawings well on the central screen, but later the “replays” of his drawings on the right-hand screen are easier to see.

Listen to what he says at 5:16 of the video. Some of the students in the morning “PopUpSchool” session said, “I knew when I drew.” Some people process the world visually and NEED to draw it to understand it. Do you know any of the students in your classroom who need to draw in order to understand? Do you provide opportunities for them to draw for understanding? This isn’t a learning style everyone has, but clearly SOME people do have it.

I first learned about Brushes from Marco Torres at the 2009 ACTEM conference. It’s really spectacular to see what a skillful graphic artist can create with a digital medium like this! If you view the images tagged “brushes” on Marco’s Flickr stream, you can see more amazing examples of art created with this app. A few of the images there weren’t created with Brushes, but most were.

You don’t need to have an iPad or other iOS device to create digital art. Do you know about Tux Paint? It’s open source and free, and runs on all platforms. Everyone should know about Tux Paint. We need more opportunities to create with visual media. Your students need you to open that door for them.

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One Response to Amazing iPad Digital Drawings at the Creativity World Forum #cwf2010

  1. Meg says:

    The artists’ name is Michael Arthur. He’s the offical archival artist for Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in NYC.

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