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New Mobile Photo Sharing Options

Thanks to today’s CNN article “Photo sites work to hold out against Facebook, upstarts” on FluentNews, I learned about PicPlz (Picture Please) and Pixable Videos.

According to the PicPlz site, with the app iOS and Android users can:

“See what’s happening now:
You can browse photos that were taken in a specific city or place. Also, picplz makes it easy see the moments people you follow choose to share. Don’t miss a thing.

Upload photos quicker and easier:
picplz offers an simple way to take a picture and share it in as little as 3 clicks. It’s easy to add a caption, tag your location and check-in.

Share with your favorite services:
picplz currently integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.”

Pixable Videos tout:

“IT’S FAST, FREE & RIDICULOUSLY EASY. Say goodbye to slideshows. Pixable Videos automatically transforms your favorite moments and the music you dig into a slick video. Real life is in constant motion, why should your digital life be any different?”

Pixable Videos looks similar to Animito.

Our mobile digital storytelling options continue to grow! Have you used either of these apps? What are your opinions? My favorite iOS photography apps (as of a few months ago) are on:



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