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iOS4 Tip Screencast: Closing Apps Open in the Background #edapp

Last week in Maine, Bob Sprankle showed me how to double click the home button on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) which is running the latest 4.0 firmware from Apple. This displays the applications which have been opened, lets users quit/close apps so they are not using any device memory, and also lock the device orientation (in either portrait or landscape mode.) In the following five minute screencast I demonstrate these steps, and also mention Appolicious (my profile ID is wfryer) as a wonderful tool for sharing and learning about new iOS apps. This screencast (created with Screenr) is iOS compatible.

Additional screencasts are available on Screenr. This screencast has been cross-posted to YouTube also. Hat tip to Lucy Gray who shared Appolicious with me several months ago, I show her Appolicious profile in this screencast as well. I created the personalized, mobile-friendly website shown on the left side of the screencast above with Wirenode. (free) Hat tip to Tony Vincent for sharing Wirenode, used by 4th grade teacher Lauren Haber, in his October 10th post on, “iPod touch, Apps & Wirenode in Fourth Grade.” Learn about more great educational iOS apps from Tony in his (free) 2010 K-12 Online Conference presentation, “Project Based Learning in Hand.”

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2 responses to “iOS4 Tip Screencast: Closing Apps Open in the Background #edapp”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Hi Wes,

    I tried the double click on my home button and it opens my iPod music. I am running OS4.2.1 on an older iPhone3G. Is this why it won’t open the task bar?

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Are you double clicking the home button after your passcode has been entered? If you do it before you enter your passcode it will show your iPod controls. If you do it afterwards it should show you the apps running in memory.