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Adding a Flickr Contact on Apple TV

This afternoon I helped my father in law get his new Apple TV setup. In addition to accessing Apple’s streaming content, he can now stream Netflix movies, watch YouTube videos, access all his photos, movies and music from his iMac, and also access Flickr photos on the living room television. Adding Flickr contacts was a bit tricky, however.

Thanks to this Apple Support Discussion post, we figured out you have to enter the name Flickr greets you with after you sign into your account, rather than your Flickr account name or email address.

He is most excited about watching NetFlix on his AppleTV, but also thrilled to have TV access to all the media on his computer. You have to enable “Home Sharing” on the AppleTV and in iTunes on your computer. To share photos, you need to enable photo sharing in iTunes under the advanced menu. Photo sharing settings in iPhoto are different and do not affect “home sharing” with AppleTV.

The age of IP-TV is upon us!

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