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Good Memories from Denton and UNT

I’m in the midst of uploading a slew of new photos to my Flickr account, which have accumulated on my iPhone since early December, as well as a few videos to YouTube. These are two favorite photos from my time in Denton, Texas, last semester teaching at UNT.

This is a photo of Kelly and I. Kelly worked at the Heritage Inns B&B in Denton, where I spent most Monday and Tuesday nights last semester. Kelly’s brother in law finished the night carrier landings phase of his navy training this fall, and among many other things it was great to learn about him and his journey of service to our country. I’ll miss Kelly this year. She moved back to California and no longer works at the Heritage Inns. If you ever need a B&B in the Dallas area, I highly commend it to you. John and Donna, the owners, are very nice and wonderful to work with.

Kelly and Wesley

Among other things, Kelly introduced me to the fantastic documentary, “Speed and Angels.” It’s available on Netflix, but doesn’t stream. If you have any interest in flying, military aircraft, the US Navy, or speed, this is a film you won’t want to miss.

This is a photograph with Dr. Gerald Knezek and his fall graduate statistics class at UNT. Dr. Knezek invited me to share a “practice run” of my dissertation proposal defense with his class, and we took this photo beforehand.

Stats class with Dr Gerald Knezek

The audio and slides from that presentation are available as a podcast / PDF file, and also as a SlideCast on SlideShare.

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