I love shooting, editing, and publishing video from my iPhone. I still have not tried the $5 iMovie app on my iPhone4, but have now edited and published two iPhone videos using the $2 ReelDirector app. I originally purchased it instead of iMovie since it’s also functional on older iOS devices, like the iPhone 3GS. Back on December 13th, my girls recorded another episode for their “International Cooking Show” about cooking holiday fudge brownies. That episode (also posted on our family learning blog) was published to a new YouTube channel we created for the show, directly from the ReelDirector app. Today was a snow day (actually an ice day) with school cancelled here in central Oklahoma, so Sarah planned a new episode about “Making Homemade Valentines” for her webshow, “The Zebra Print.”

It took us about fifteen minutes to shoot the actual show, and we edited it together on the iPhone. I shot the video with the $3 Pro Camera App, which provides a nice “alignment grid” for keeping your shots level and framed. We shot the episode in four different clips, and needed to make a few trims. We used ReelDirector to split clips with unwanted footage (at the start and end of different clips) and then deleted those clips. We rendered the final video, which took about ten minutes, and then published it directly to YouTube from the iPhone over our home wifi connection. The final video is about 13 minutes long, and the upload took about ten minutes.

One of the benefits of publishing directly to YouTube with apps like ReelDirector or PixelPipe (which we used back in August for another iPhone-recorded cooking show, which was not edited but just recorded in 1 take) is the video is NOT compressed before uploading. It’s amazing to me that this little, mobile computer can record in HD quality and publish directly to the web. Amazing!

K12Online08 in the palm of my hand

If you’re planning on attending the METC conference February 14-16, 2011, in St Louis, definitely check out Karen Montgomery and Mary Lynn’s February 15th session on “iPhone/iPad Philmmaking.” I spoke with Karen today and she’d been taking some snow videos in St Louis with her iPhone and playing with the mobile version of iMovie. She was VERY impressed with what it could do. I’m amazed how FAST video editing and publishing can be on an iPhone. Good digital storytelling still requires planning, organization, and a whole lot more… But the rapid editing potential of the iPhone or iPod Touch really makes projects like these a LOT easier to complete.

For more resources about videography, including mobile videography, check out the “Video” page of Talk with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing. I’ll be continuing to update that site in advance of my ISTE 2011 BYOL session on June 29th in Philadelphia.

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