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Speed of Creativity Book Talk: Dialog About Books That Matter

Reading books is important work. Talking about and sharing books which influence our thinking in important ways is also vital. With those assumptions in mind, this evening I launched a project I’ve been thinking about for several weeks titled, “Speed of Creativity Book Talk: Dialog About Books That Matter.”

Speed of Creativity Book Talk

I’ve “seeded” the site initially with four different categories, and several posts in each one:

I have no idea if this site is something other folks will find of interest and contribute to. I have extended an invitation to others who may not have the time or bandwidth (financially or tech-wise) to set their own book talk site up, to facilitate a dialog about a book they care about, on my site. I’m expecting most books discussed on the site will have connections to education, technology, media, as well as history / politics / geography / economics. That’s a big umbrella, I know. I have diverse interests, however, and I’m sure you do as well. I’m thinking this site will be a good space to share smaller snippets of information or responses to particular ideas in books which might not be as appropriate on one of my blogs or other online sharing sites. At a minimum, this project will afford me an opportunity to learn more about the free / open source bulletin board platform, BBpress. It’s based on WordPress, which is a content management system I’ve worked with extensively in the past five years and love. I’m curious to learn more about how BBpress works, so this project will at least advance that goal. 🙂

I finished listening to Stephen Kinzer’s book, “All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror” yesterday. My immediate thought was, “Boy I wish I could join a book club and discuss this book with others: There are SO many ideas I want to share and talk about.” Since I don’t think I can do that locally, I thought this would provide a good opportunity and motivational push to setup a book talk website. I hope you’ll consider visiting and contributing. I’ll likely share some of my posts there on Twitter, and if you post I’d encourage you to do the same.

Books and ideas matter. Armed with them, we can and do change the world.

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