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Rupert Murdoch’s Vision is Wrong

The future of digital content is and should be free / open. Rupert Murdoch has poor vision.

“The Daily” – Glimpse of the Future?

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2 responses to “Rupert Murdoch’s Vision is Wrong”

  1. James W. Russell Avatar

    Free/open doesn’t pay the bills or give workers the money they need to survive. ECON 101.

  2. Suzanne Hamilton Avatar
    Suzanne Hamilton

    I agree with your first commenter. How can there be reporting, thoughtful analysis, deep investigations, done if no one pays for the ‘news’? News is more than tweets from the front line. This is another tragedy of the commons. I have yet to hear an enthusiastic proponent of the ‘content should be free and open’ approach explain how news can be reported without any professionals doing it.