Microsoft has launched a new campaign: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Use IE6,” via the Internet Explorer 6 Countdown site.

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IE6 Countdown website

While Microsoft would like this campaign to focus on Internet Explorer 6 exclusively, I encourage everyone worldwide abandon Internet Explorer ENTIRELY. Newer variants of IE are more secure than IE6, but Internet Explorer remains THE MOST SECURITY VULNERABLE WEB BROWSER ON THE PLANET. In January 2010, the nations of France and Germany recommended ALL users avoid IE entirely until egregious security flaws were fixed. The English WikiPedia article “Comparison of Web Browsers: Vulnerabilities” reveals just HOW bad IE continues to be in terms of unpatched security vulnerabilities.

Comparison of web browsers - Vulnerabilities

Compare IE to the Chrome, FireFox, and Safari web browsers. Why would anyone want to open themselves up to so many potential security threats, and use the most historically vulnerable web browser?

I think there are two primary reasons: Ignorance and laziness. Many people simply don’t realize they can use another web browser on their computer, or the advantages of using a different browser. Those advantages are not only restricted to security: They also include SPEED. I’ve found Chrome to be the fastest browser on Mac as well as Windows computers.

Laziness is another issue. It takes some time for an individual or an organization to download and install another web browser. Lots of folks still don’t realize it’s POSSIBLE to install alternate web browsers. That’s why Karen Montgomery and I included a chapter on “Web Browsers 101” in the chapter, “Redefining the Beginner” for Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning.

Hat tip to T & S Web Design for sharing Microsoft’s tweet to the IE6 Countdown site via Twitter.

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6 Responses to Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Internet Explorer – EVER!

  1. Jason says:

    It has been my experience that the same folks that are demanding that the Internet is DANGEROUS and must be significantly filtered are the same ones that insist that IE is the best ans safest way to engage in the Internet, despite significant evidence otherwise.

    I have said it in moments on frustration, but, I do judge you if you use IE…

  2. Kernkelley says:

    Internet Exploder is my favorite browser I use to download other browsers. 😉

  3. Jasonsluke says:


    I almost completely agree

    I think laziness is part of the problem, but i think it has more to do more with being comfortable. Everyone knows IE. Not everyone knows chrome, firefox, and safari. They need a reason to switch.

    Think about search engines. Remember when yahoo had all those commercials. They would yell YAHOOOOO, or ask do you yahoo? almost everyone used yahoo. Then Google became popular. I think it is now even a verb, “i googled it”…The point is, people need a reason to switch. Think how many people use the same laundry detergent for 50 years. My family goes to the same goddamn place for vacation every two years. Change is hard, especially when we “think it works.” You know the old adage, “if it aint broke, then why fix it.”

    We need to encourage our students to use all sorts of browsers, and search engines. We need to do this ourselves, so we can set a good example for our youth. Educators can be some of worst offenders of using the same old crap, over and over again. We think it works, but we do not take the time to see if something works better.

  4. […] good friend, Wes Fryer, has an interesting post arguing it’s time to give up Internet Explorer… no matter what […]

  5. Tim Priebe says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word, Wes!

  6. MT says:

    Our college’s IT department won’t let us use anything but IE. They’ll let us use old versions of Firefox but refuse to upgrade them (we can’t do it ourselves — no admin privileges). Now what?

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